Ultimate Reasons to Buy Sous Vide Machine

You must have seen it on social media or on CNET how the chef prepares the menu in sous vide way but for a starter, let us give them an idea of how sous vide cooking is done. In the sous vide machine cooking, the food is placed in the temperature controlled machine submerge in a water bath and usually cook for a minimum of 25 minutes up to 48 hours. This will depend on what you are cooking and below are the ultimate reasons why you must have sous vide machine.

The Ultimate Reasons To Buy Sous Vide Machine:

1. No Need To Defrost

When we removed meat from the freezer, it will take 30 minutes to thaw before we can actually cook it since we have to wait for the ice to melt. With Sous Vide Machine, the meat can go directly to the water bath to remove or let the ice melt. There is no chance for the bacteria to cause contamination in this way and it is as good as cooking the meat in fresh.

2. Meal Preparation Is Super Convenient

Are we talking about preparing a fancy meal for a special occasion? With sous vide machine present in the kitchen, things will be easier and the food will be cook just like in fine dining restaurant in town.

Here is an example of how you can easily cook and prepare food with sous vide machine:

First, if you are buying stocks in bulk, then you can divide the portion of it a single serving and put it in an individual zip lock bags. Don’t forget to add some butter or oil and a bit of seasoning and spices to taste. You can lock it up and store it in the freezer. When you need to have a food, simply put it in the water bath of the sous vide machine. It would take few minutes to cook. To add a golden brown texture, you can transfer it to a pan.

3. Cook in Consistent Perfection

Are trying to copy how high-end restaurant cook the food for their customers? With Sous Vide Machine, you can do it too since the temperature is consistently controlled, the collagen of the meat and the fat will not break down nor it will dry out. When done this way, the meat is more juicy and tasty. Of course, everyone will be amazed how you can transform a simple meal and make it flavorful dishes at home.

4. You Can Use It Even For Desserts

Family bonding is best done with desserts. For that, we recommend dulce de leche, toast bread pudding or cremebrulee and guess what, you can do it with Sous Vide Machine. This kitchen helper is not only applicable to use for meat but also with eggs and other desserts.

5. Easier To Prepare For Crowd

Are you thinking of having your party catered? Well, you can save a lot of money if you will just cook and prepare the food at home and with sous vide machine, preparing and cooking isn’t that exhausting. Think about you need to cook for six serving of steak, then the sous vide machine would not regard your wish as ambitious. Take our advice; few hours before the guest arrives you can already place the meat or the steak in the water bath. By the time they arrive, you will only have to torch or grill it for few minutes and voila! You can serve it hot.

6. Sous Vide Machine Is Cheaper Now Than Years Ago

You know exactly you need the sous vide machine in your kitchen but the thing is it is bit expensive investment, but worry no more. Because of the competitive market, sous vide machine is even more affordable now than purchasing it years ago. Now you can also pick the sous vide machine that won’t take so much space in the kitchen since there are designs and models that you can wisely choose from.