What Is Sous Vide?

What is sous vide?

Sous vide is the art of taking food, placing it inside of a BPA free plastic bag, immersing it in a container full of heated water, and then circulating the water around the bag. When the hot water is criculated around the bag, the food inside of the bag is then cooked thoroughly and evenly.

This is why there is no such thing as a poorly made meal when cooking sous vide.

Sous vide has been around for well over 500 years. It has gone in and out of touch with civilization during that time. Only recently has it become more popular, thanks to the invention of newer sous vide machines.

In the past people would have to rely on having a small motor that would circulate the water in the container. This would be cumbersome and often unnecessary, especially given that most people could easily cook over a fire and achieve the same result in less time.

However, when you cook over a fire, it’s impossible to evenly cook the food. There is always going to be a hotter part of the container.

With sous vide, you’re ensuring that the food is cooked evenly all around it.

This was a great invention because food poisoning and disease from undercooked food was quite prevelant in the past few hundred years. This was particularly true before penecilin and antibiotics were invented. Lots of death was caused by this.

But when the first sous vide machine was invented, the rate of death from food-borne illnesses greatly declined. In fact, many professors attribute sous vide style cooking to the reduction in worldwide food-related deaths.

Sous vide is also becoming very popular throughout the world in restaurants. It’s a simple way for chefs to product consistent, high-quality food. Odds are that you have been to a restaurant that has cooked you food sous vide.