Who Is Sous Vide Best For?

Who Is Sous Vide Best For?

Sous vide is best for absolutely anyone that loves to cook! You can make nearly every meal imaginable with this cooking technique. There is nothing that you cannot cook with sous vide.

Some of the more popular meals that you can cook sous vide are eggs, steak, chicken, pork, and vegetables. While people could cook this in a crock pot, the sous vide machine produces a much better product.

You cannot evenly heat up and cook food in any other cooking machine other than a sous vide machine. When food is not evenly cooked all around it will not taste right. Also, there is a chance that you can get sick from the undercooked food.

I like to think that sous vide is best for college kids who need a simple way to prepare good, healthy food in their dorms rooms. Most colleges don’t allow students to have ovens or frying griddles in their dorm. This makes it hard to cook meat. With a sous vide, you can easily and safely prepare your meals in your dorm room.

Sous vide is also great for young professionals that are incredibly busy. You can simply set your sous vide to cook when you get home, go do other stuff for 45 minutes, then come back and have a delicious meal. Young professionals love to multitask so having something as hands-off as a sous vide gives them the ability to multitask while cooking.

I also think that anyone who is into the dating scene needs to have a sous vide machine. Impressing your date by cooking sous vide has been a hot topic as of late that is getting a lot of attention. Long gone are the days of baking a boring meal. When you bake a meal it usually comes out dry. That’s not the case with sous vide. Your meal comes out juicy and tender every time.

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